Letter from Tim Wilks

January 2016

Happy New Year! We wanted to wish you a happy New Year and thank you for your support of the Jennifer Wilks Foundation. 2015 was a great year for the foundation and we owe it all to our fabulous supporters.

In April we held our 10th annual Golf Tournament. Once again Jennifer smiled down on us and everyone got a fun filled round of golf at Star Ranch.
Mark your calendars this year’s tournament is April 22nd also at Star Ranch.

In May we were approached by the outpatient clinic at Dell Children’s Hospital to have a treatment room dedicated to the Jennifer Wilks Foundation. The clinic has about 12 of these rooms. Many of Austin’s finest companies have sponsored a room. There is even a Jeff Gordon (nascar) room. Each of the rooms have a theme chosen by the company. We knew immediately that the theme of a room that involved Jennifer would have a beach theme. After many months of planning and getting decorations, the Jennifer Wilks Foundation room was dedicated in December.


Click here to see the dedication video. https://vimeo.com/148309252

Later in December we held our annual Christmas Eve event for the families that would be spending Christmas in the hospital. On the 22nd and 23rd our shoppers went out using the lists that the families in hospital gave us. We all gathered at the Wilks house on the 23rd for the annual wrapping party. On Christmas Eve, we loaded the cars with presents and headed to the hospital.

We were met by many volunteers who helped in decorating the cookie room and the room we would use to host our lunch.

Our meal partner also brought the steak and chicken dinner. A few hours later we had delivered presents to over 29 kids and 11 families. Mary and I even had a TV spot about our story and reasons for doing this.

Click here to see a great news story on the Christmas event. https://vimeo.com/150036718

Given the 29 kids we helped this year it brings our total to over 300 kids we have helped since we started our Christmas Eve event. We have helped close to 100 families and fed just almost a 1000 people just on Christmas Eve since we start this event.


We also granted 3 Make-A-Wishes in 2015 bringing our total to 20 total wishes we have been able to grant thanks your generosity. In the picture below you will see Tim and Mary attending the party sending Madison to Disney for her Make a Wish.

We once again supported the Hungry Bunch in 2015. They put on a prom for the kids that are unable to attend their school prom. They also host a kids camp for all the children in treatment that are able to attend.

We once again supported the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They are working hard to find a cure for all blood related cancers, and funded the development of the drug Gleevec. Gleevec is a drug that has been proven to work on several forms of leukemia and is being used as a test drug on some other forms of cancer.

We also supported His Grace Foundation which is the transplant unit at Texas Children Hospital in Houston once again. This is where Jennifer received her bone marrow transplants. This is still an important unit on the road to recovery for many kids.

Our Wednesday Dinner Nights is always a big hit. We deliver a meal to the families on the cancer ward of Dell Children’s hospital. We are able to cater meals on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays of each month. This provides a nice break from hospital food for the families as well as someone else to talk to. We have served over 1500 people in 2015 and over 13,000 since we started in 2007.

This is simply a highlight of what we have been able to do in 10 years. NONE of this would be possible without the support of wonderful donors, corporate sponsors and many volunteers.

We appreciate everything that you have done and wanted to let you know what your time and money has done and continues to do. We sincerely wish the day would come with no children in the cancer unit at Christmas time, but until that day, with your help, we will continue to do what we do to provide uplifting support for these children and their families.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Tim and everyone at the Foundation!

PS. We are always looking for corporate sponsors for our golf tournament if you know of any businesses that have a big heart and would like to help the families dealing with childhood cancers please have them contact us or let us know who we may contact.